About us

Floresco deals in customized, exquisite flower arrangements made from best quality handpicked fresh flowers. We specialize in ‘Flower Cards’ which we take pride in introducing to our customers. This is rather a unique new way to send fresh flowers inside beautiful personalized cards for any occasion. The idea came to our founder on one of her trips abroad when she came upon a magazine and saw this beautiful image which sort of just stayed with her. It was flowers-pretty, blooming, fresh flowers but it was the presentation that made them so special. We have all gifted flower bouquets to our loved ones, and then attached gift tags to them to bring to their notice. But now it would not be the same any longer. The Flower Card is here.

We introduce to you a unique way to show your loved ones how much you care with a beautifully fresh, fragrant flower card. These flower cards are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings too and for saying ‘Thank you’ or ‘Get Well ’ to a family friend or loved one. Each stem for your personalized gift is handpicked just for you. Your fresh flowers are then placed in a sealed water oasis on the day of delivery for extra locked in freshness, then framed in a lovely personalized card of your choice. Last but not the least, that final flourish, your words of warmth which are printed on the front of your card, free of charge.

We also do a very fresh way to give flowers in beautiful hollow candles with inspiring messages or beautiful images which can later be lightened to brighten up your special corner.

We also do live plants in keepsake tins to use the way you want to later. And then, there is the everlasting lucky bamboo plant. You will be amazed to find the different ways you can gift your dearest in to your special ones.

You can also place your trust in us with adding quality cakes, chocolates, dry fruits and the like with your presents. We have a wide range of tins, boxes etc to choose from. And yes, if you want your personalized gift to last forever, we replace the fresh flowers with dry/artificial flowers only on your request because our mission is a satisfied you.

Please don't hesitate to drop us a line with your ideas and feedback. We shall look forward to your views and suggestion

Thank you for visiting Floresco.